For employees to record their time, they need to fill in timesheets.

 ONLY an employee can submit their OWN timesheet.

  • Log onto HRLocker.
  • Select Time On from the Black ribbon.

  • 'My time On' is automatically highlighted.
  • The current week is automatically populated, but if you have old timesheets that need to be submitted, these are held in the 'Unsubmitted' tab.
  • You can move between timesheets by using the green buttons for previous week/next week, or by using the calendar function.
  • When updating the timesheet, use a time format hh:mm. You need to include the colon for the form to accept the number.
  • Save all changes using the Save button.
  • When the timesheet is complete, submit the timesheet for approval.
  • Your manager will receive notification that a timesheet has been submitted.
  • The timesheet is now saved in the 'Awaiting' tab.
  • Your Manager can accept or reject this timesheet. 
  • If the timesheet is accepted, it becomes locked for editing and is saved in the Archive tab.
  • Your Manager can re-open an archived timesheet. This will send it back into your 'Unsubmitted' tab where it can be edited and you can submit it again for approval.
  • Your manager can make edits to your timesheet, if this happens, a note will be saved to say the timesheet has been edited.

Underneath the timesheet there is a Projects tab. If your manager has assigned projects to you, you can assign the number of hours you worked on each project each day and this will be submitted along with your weekly timesheet for approval by your manager or Time On approver.


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