HRLocker offers multiple ways to manage employee timesheets. 

If the Clock-in method is selected, there is an option to enable geolocation verification. This can be enabled at an office level for everyone at that office, or for individual employees.

Geolocation will work on both desktop and mobile devices, however, due to the nature of desktop location services, the accuracy of the data can not be guaranteed. With Mobile devices, the geolocation uses the GPS on the users phone along with network location to give a much more accurate result.

Enabling Geolocation

If you would like to access the geolocation feature, it is available on our Professional and Premium packages. If you wish to upgrade, or if you cannot see the options to activate it on your profile, contact HRLocker support and we can resolve this for you

To enable geolocation at an office level, follow the steps below

  1. Log on as admin.
  2. Select Settings from the black ribbon.
  3.  Select Offices from the green ribbon.
  4. Select the Settings option for the required office. 
  5. Select 'Time On' settings

In the Office Time On settings screen

  1. Tick the box for 'Use Clockin/Out'
  2. Tick the box for 'Track Geolocation'

Note: Turning this on at office level will activate it for every employee at this office. These can be turned off later in individual employee settings if required.

To enable geolocation for individual employees you can do so by following the instructions below

  1. Log on as admin.
  2. Select Directory from the black ribbon.
  3.  View the employee from the directory
  4. Select Settings on the Green ribbon.
  5. Make sure Timesheets are turned on
  6. Tick the box for 'Use Clockin/Out'
  7. Tick the box for 'Track Geolocation'

Once geolocation is active, every morning when an employee logs in, the clock in window should appear.

Pushing the Clock in button will prompt the employee grant HRLocker access to their devices location services. They must grant this access. 

When they accept this notification, then their device will record the time and place that they clocked in from which can be viewed by clicking the globe icon next to the time on the timesheet.

The location can be seen as either an address, or viewed on a map

When an employee wants to take a break, they can press the 'take a break button under the timesheet in their 'My Time Out' page

For Breaks, the clockin/clockout times are displayed as a list. If a manager or admin edits the break duration, this is indicated on the timesheet.

Editing Timesheets

Time-on Managers and Admins can edit the times on an employee's timesheet while the timesheet is in either 'Submitted' or 'Awaiting' status. Whenever an edit is made, an entry is added to the notes for that timesheet to indicate this.

If a timesheet has been approved but needs to be amended, the time on approver or an Admin can reactivate the timesheet. This will send it back to un-submitted status where it can be edited, and the employee can then re-submit it for approval


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