If you need to record leave from work that is related to Covid-19, you have a couple of options on HRLocker

If your employee is sick with Covid-19 or a related disease, when they are recording their sick leave, they can mark it as 'Covid 19 related'

We have created a new report in the Time Off reports page called  Covid-19 related Leave here you can access these records for your employees

If your employees are self isolating and cannot come into work, you may not want to record this as a sick leave, however, you may want to record this as a special kind of leave, so you should use HRLocker to create a new leave type.

To add a new leave type you can click on the 'Settings' icon in the black ribbon at the top of the screen, Then you need to click on the 'Offices' button on the green ribbon.

There will be a black settings button beside each office, and this will show a drop down menu where you can select the 'Time Off' settings.

Select the Time off settings button and you should see an option to add a new leave type

When you click the add button, you will see this

You can name your new Leave type anything you like. If you select 'deductable' this means it will deduct time off the employees annual leave allowance. 

If your employees are working outside of the office, you can mark check, this box and the leave will be automatically approved, and displayed in yellow in the who's off calendar.

You will need to create leave types separately for each of your offices.

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