HRLocker allows you, as a manager of a remote team, to ensure that you keep in regular contact with everyone to make sure they are happy and productive while working from home or in a remote location.

We have a fully featured Performance management system called Real Time Reviews which allows two way communication between managers and their employees, but we also have a section called 'Reviews and Refs' which the employees cannot access, but is useful for scheduling reminders for managers to contact their employees.

You can see this page for your employees by viewing them in the directory and it should be visible in the green bar.

On this page, you can schedule a review with your employees and the employee's direct manager will receive an reminder before this review is due.

The review frequency can be set for repeating reviews monthly, quarterly or semi annually, or you can enter a date manually into the 'Next review' field, 

This page allows the manager to store documents or notes about this employee, the employee cannot access their reviews and references page.

Once you finish catching up with your employee, all you need to do is change the date in the next review field and we'll remind you to contact them next time.

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