Your HRLocker Dashboard allows Managers and Admins to easily see who in your team has clocked in and what time they clocked in at.

To access it, you just need to click on the dashboard button on the black ribbon, and there is a panel called 'Who's Logged in'.

  • Admins can see this information for all employees in the company, Managers can only see people who they have 'Time On' permission for, or they will see any employee for whom they are the designated timesheet approver. 
  • Employees or managers who do not have 'Time On' permission, or are not designated as timesheet approvers will not see this panel on thier dashboard.
  • For each employee you will see their name, the time they logged in today, and what kind of timesheet they use. For Clockin timesheets, there will be a C next to their name, for the self reported timesheet, there will be  T.
  • If the Employee is on a break, they are still recorded on this dashboard as 'Logged in'
  • If the employee clocks out, they will no longer appear on this dashboard.

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