If someone is being temporariy laid off from HRLocker this can be recorded and reported on

  • Log into HRLocker as a Manager or Admin
  • Click on the Directory button on the Black Ribbon
  • Select the employee from the directory
  • Click on their terms of employment tab
  • Scroll down to  the account section
  • Click  'Status' and change status to Terminated'
  • A tick box will appear asking if it is a 'short term layoff'
  • Tick this box 
  • Enter the date the employee was Laid off into the End Date box
  • press submit

  • The employee will lose access to HRLocker for the period that they are laid off, but when they return, you can set their status back to active and it will reactivate their account with with no annual leave accrual for the period of the layoff
  • It is also a good idea to run the annual leave Summary report now, this will show you how much leave this employee has accrued to the date they were laid off, They may be entiled to payment in lieu of leave if they have not taken all of their leave entitlement by their end date.

Reactivating an employee

When an employee returns to work after a short term layoff, you will need to reactivate them on HRLocker. To do this:

  • Select them from the directory
  • There is also a new status in the directory to filter for employees who are temporarily laid off.
  • Click on the terms of employement tab for this employee
  • In the account section, change their status back to Active
  • Remove the End Date
  • Press submit.
  • Select the Summary tab on the green Ribbon
  • In the Job Title section, press Edit/view previous

  • Here you are going to need to have at least 3 records. 

                    1 for the employee's job title pre-short term layoff,
                    Another to record them as being on short term layoff,
                    And the third to record the date they returned to work

You may also need to edit their annual leave to reflect their correct return to work date.

  • Remaining on the employee's Summary tab, press the edit button next to the annual leave entitlement section
  • Now, to edit the start date of the latest entry, you just need to put in the end date of the layoff period
  • If you check that employee's time off screen, you should now see that their annual leave entitlement will be reduced by the amount of days they would have accrued over the layoff period. This will be done automatically if you follow the steps above


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