1. Log as administrator
  2. Select Directory from the black ribbon.
  3. Select the ADD Employee button to create a new employee record.

4. A page will open for initial employee details which will become the Summary tab after the employee is created

Note all fields that are marked as * are essential.

A unique email address for each employee is always required.

5. Fill in the details for your new manager.

6. Click submit, and a new employee record is created.. Continue to complete the employee record as per the guide 'How to create a new Employee'


A manager can be given Admin Access to employees who are subordinates or who work in selected offices. Access can be granted or denied by an Admin, who can choose which functions  the manager has access to.
There is a much more detailed description of Manager Permissions in a separate help document

7. Once an employee record is completed for your new manager, you can then assign employees to be 'approved by' this manager under the 4 roles below.

• Reports to
• Holidays Approved By
• Timesheets Approved By
• CPD Validated By

To do so, you need to select the subordinate employees from the directory, and assign the new manager as the approver for each employee for each role.


Reports to

 Located in the Summary tab on the green ribbon.

"Holidays approved by”, 'Timesheets approved by' and 'CPD Validated by' 

These are all on the Settings tab on the green ribbon. The same employee can have different approvers depending on the role.

Reporting and Permissions

There are a number of different scenarios which decide who has access to which data and reports on HRLocker. If you need more information on this, please read the document below

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