There are 3 people in our original office, start date of AL on 01/01/2015.

Bill has Annual leave amount of 22 days from his start date (02/01/2014) to 31/05/2016

30 day from 01/06/2016 onwards

Nina has Annual leave amount of 22 days from her start date (06/06/2014).

Tina has Annual leave amount of 20 days from her start date (01/06/2016).



Totals for 3 employees in old office are as follows.


They have days booked in advance for for Christmas 2016 that currently would not be part of their Annual leave year totals.

We create a new office – with a AL start date of 01/01/2016.

If they move to that office the rest of their leave will be recalculated on that value.


Run the report on time off again- note recalculations that have occurred.

The moved employees will retain their own individual details on documents under the terms of employment tab.


In relation to HR Docs

– any document assigned personally will move with the employee to the new office.

_ any document assigned to an employee on an office basis, will be removed from their listing




New example Alan – in 01/10/02015 offices – assigned 2 new HR Docs (had 8 previously)

1 hr doc essential – assigned at office level

1 hr doc essential – assigned to him personally


Alan moves Office to Ireland – his total reduces to 9.

Document assigned at office level has been removed for Alan now he is in a new office.


Harold Henry is a manager in the CORK office.

He currently has 4 items in cpd.

We assign him 2 new CPD Items,

CPD Harold– personally assigned.

CPD CORK – assigned to Cork office.


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