1. Log on as admin.
  2. Select CPD from the black ribbon.
  3. Select Manage CPD from the green ribbon.
  4. Select Add to create a new CPD item.
  5. Add name, description, when the reminder is to be sent, and a document if relevant.

6 Click submit.

7. The new CPD item is listed in the Manage CPD section.

8. Select Assign to assign this item to all employees who require clearance.

9. If you wish to assign it to all employees, selected employees in the first drop down box, than highlight all employees in the second box, click assign.

10. Enter a date from when you wish to have all certificates completed and select Mandatory for the new CPD item.

11. The item now appear on “My CPD” for all employees you assigned it to.

12. So for employee Frances, when she logs in she would see the following.

13. Frances attaches her certificate “Add cert” and notes its expiry date as 01/01/2017.

14. The CPD item is now listed for Frances and an expiry date.

15. In this example I set the reminder as two weeks (step 5) so two weeks before Jan 1st Frances will be emailed.

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