1. Log on as administrator.
  2. Select Settings from the black ribbon.
  3. Select Offices from the green ribbon.
  4. Select the Benefits button for the relevant office.
  5. In our example office, CORK, you can see 2 existing Benefits.

6. Select the Manage Button to access the detail of the two existing Benefits.

7. Select the ADD button to create a new Benefit.

8. Add details of sample third benefit (Gym membership rebate).

9. Note third benefit listed now.

10. Select “Assign” to assign new Gym Benefit to employees in Cork office.

11. With offices still highlighted in first drop down box, pick Cork in second drop down box.

12. Change the date to when the benefit came into effect.

13. Select Assign.
14. Note the benefit is listed for all Cork Employees.
15. Frances Fillon works in the Cork office, but is not entitled to his benefit (still on probation).

So I can see it listed for her automatically, but can delete it directly from her account.

16. Select Directory from black ribbon.
17. Select View for Frances
18. Select Comps&Bens from the green ribbon.

19. Select Remove for the benefit (Gym).
20. Confirm you wish to REMOVE this benefit in the dialog box that opens.
21. Note the benefit is removed for Frances in Comps&Bens tab on the green ribbon.
22. The benefit is still listed for other Cork employees. (Alan for example)



Second example: Assign a benefit to employees individually as well.

1.We are going to use Sean Smith for this example, he works in Oz office.

(He is the only employee at this time in OZ office)

2. Select Directory from the back ribbon.
3. View for Sean Smith
4. Select Comps & Bens tab on green ribbon for Sean he has no benefits assigned.

5. Select Settings from the black ribbon.
6. Select Offices from the green ribbon.
7. Select the Benefits button for the relevant office. (OZ office this time)
8. Oz office has no existing benefits yet.

9. Select Manage.
10. You can see the 3 benefits that exist in the company.

11. Select the Life cover option on the left tick box, and click Assign.
12. Select employee from first drop down box and Sean from second drop down box.

13. Click Assign.

14 Confirm the Life benefit is assigned to Sean (using steps 2 to 4)



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